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The Emersion of inspiration and images
​- About the beginning of visual perception motive

There has been a long ongoing debate about the type of activities that allow us to lay down the weight of life and obtain pleasure. The repetitive act of scribbling was called on from an unknown territory, and it soon became a very personal and covert form of expression of pure desire.

In my teenage years, I experienced a daily form of violence that was committed through texts called 'success in society' which imprisoned people's happiness in a rigid framework. This violence stripped us of clear standard of happiness and gave us anxiety about the future. Data collection in a modern society filled with provocative images pushed us into an image excessive situation and clouded our judgment. Such a situation led me into an absence of emotions and spirituality that refused to be defined.

The only way for me to lead a normal daily life was to express my inner sources of anxiety through the act of drawing. The absence of definite concepts and logical spirituality led me to a formative methodology and scribbling as a form of entertainment, allowing me to escape from the undefined source of anxiety.

My journey of expression began when I was young and being raised by my mother. I used to imitate my mother's fonts and ways of speaking, as well as draw things that do not have definite forms and usually dwell in the unconscious. I drew very personal cartoons as a personal diary all through my childhood. I didn't draw exactly the things that I saw that day, but rather, my imagined emotions when I saw those things. These naturally expanded to my work today.

I hope that my visual acts — creations of pure imagination and experience through visual questions that do not have answers — will continuously create and destroy bonds of sympathy between people and within each person, and eventually lead individuals to various types of spaces and dimensions.

■ Koh Juahn

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